Thursday, 17 November 2022

 Mckaysoftware  is a small independent software development company based in Limerick, Ireland.  We offer spreadsheets,  databases  and websites.

Spreadsheets:  We create sophisticated spreadsheets.  Typically these are one-time-entry, with clickable buttons for data entry and then to view updated sheets or create printouts.  These can be used for catalogues, accounts (e.g.VAT calculations) and inventory costing and many more uses.

Databases:  If you require something more sophisticated than a spreadsheet (whether because of the large amount of data to be processed or complex relationships between the data elements or complicated calculations), we can create customised cloud-based databases for you.

Websites:  We offer the full rage of websites, from the basic one page to full eCommerce sites.  View for more.

Our target customers are  one-person operations, small-to-medium businesses and charities and local groups.

A list of some of our customers for websites can be seen from the list on the left.

We have clients across Ireland, in England and in Gambia.

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